Pablo Rodríguez Valido

Minister of Public Works and Transport
President of Puertos Canarios

Pablo Rodríguez Valido

Minister of Public Works and Transport
President of Puertos Canarios

In the essence of the Canary Islands ports are protagonists. Undoubtedly, they have played a transcendental role in the past history of the archipelago and continue to do so in the present. Being a fragmented and isolated territory of the continent, they are configured as fundamental instruments for the economic and social integration of the islands. And in this way, we can not think of the Canry Islands without hinting at them, at the entrance and exit we have by sea.

We manage infrastructures that keep us connected

Inevitably, the ports are part of our idiosyncrasy and they have influenced in our status as affable and open. Our identity has a feeling that has been forged thanks to the diversity scenario offered by the development of ports. The sea surrounds us and separates us physically, but the ports unite us. With this, it is inevitable that they convey to us a sentiment that only the islanders can experience.

From the public entity Puertos Canarios we manage ports of general interest, port facilities, shelters, dykes and marinas. In short, we manage and control infrastructures that keep us connected and generate different activities. We work to provide each of the facilities with quality services and we focus on their maintenance.

Specifically, we have a four-year Business Plan for the Ports of General Interest of each province that contemplates a plan of investment and maintenance of all the ports of the network.

Likewise, we work to diversify the Canary Islands economy and for this, we encourage the activity of small and medium-sized cruises and we encourage nautical-recreational activities as a driving force.

In addition, another of our functions is to support and promote the traditional fishing sector through the promotion of management and improvement of fishing facilities.

In short, my priority objective as president of Canary Islands Ports and Minister of Public Works and Transport of the Government of the Canary Islands is to achieve a continuous territory from the business point of view, as well as social and cultural and there is made visible the importance of ports, as infrastructures that make cohesion possible and that drive the objective of a single Canary market.

We face a challenge, to achieve an infrastructure network adequate to the level of progress and demands of a territory in which communications are fundamental. This is decisive for the modernization of the islands.

Planning, operating and management

Puertos Canarios has competency over the ports of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands

Administration Bodies

Corporate information, functions and composition of Administration Bodies of Puertos Canarios

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