Puerto de Vueltas

La Gomera

Puerto de Vueltas

La Gomera

Puerto de Vueltas

La Gomera

Port of Vueltas

The mouth of the inner dock of this southwestern port of La Gomera is open towards the SE. Sailing with N direction, the nose of the dyke is reached and turns to the NW to stay under his shelter. In the vicinity of the mouth of the same, there are different underworlds but which do not cause greater risk to access maneuver of small craft. After the enlargement, a new dock (outdoor) has been set up, also open to the southeast with better access conditions, without problems of casualties, which allows docking of commercial ships and cruises up to 200 m. of length.

The port of Vueltas can be affected by waves of the southern component, although dock docking provides sufficient safety for almost all year, given the relative low incidence of southern component storms.

Port name: Port of Vueltas
Location: Valle Gran Rey (La Gomera)
Coordinates: 28° 5.8′ N 17° 21′ W
Telephone/Fax: +34 922 805 476
E-mail: puertodevueltas@puertoscanarios.es
Official: Higinio José Chinea Niebla

Available services

Potable water



Wastes collection


Dry dock


24 h security



Port of Vueltas
La Gomera

Available infrastructure

1. Dyke

Length: 327 m
Kind of defense: Vertical dyke

2. Jetty

Jetty: No

 3. Hammer

Hammer is not available

 4. Docking lines
Docking lines: 2
Length: 420 m
Mean draft: 14 m

5. Buoyage

Buoyage: Yes

6. Surface

Total surface: 126.700,00 m2
Sea surface: 80.000,00 m2
Land surface: 46.700,00 m2

7. Dry dock

Surface: 321,00 m2
MLifting medium: 6 t crane

8. Available services at the port

24 h security
Wastes collection
Toilets and showers
Potable water

9. Fishing activity

Fisherman’s association: Nuestra Señora del Carmen fisherman’s association
Number of fishermen: 4
Point of first sale: Yes

10. Boat trips

Number of boats: 6

11. Current plans

Discover the port of Vueltas

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