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Morro Jable


Morro Jable


Morro Jable


Port of Morro Jable

The port is located at the S end of the Fuerteventura island. Maritime access is made taking NE direction by an open area without obstacles. The mouthpiece, of 100 m of useful width, is open to the WNW. In its vicinity, it is necessary to turn to the ESE to line the channel that, limited by the jetty, leads inside to basin.

Currently port’s shelter is almost exclusively procured by the E dyke. Waves of the 3rd quadrant are the one with more energy that can introduce in docks, because of the mouthpiece orientation. All current moorings are well protected agains external agitation. However, agitations may occur from local W component winds.

Port name: Port of Morro Jable
Location: Pájara (Fuerteventura)
Coordinates: 28° 03′ N 14° 21,40′ W
Telephone/Fax: +34 928 540 374
Official: Luis Pérez Francés

Available services

Potable water



Fuel station

Car park

Travelfit porch

Wastes collection


Rental car

Dry dock

24 h Security


Port of Morro Jable

Available infrastructure

1. Dyke

Length: 894 m
Kind of defense: Tetrapods

2. Jetty

Length: 395 m
Kind of defense: Breakwater stone and blocks

 3. Hammer

Not available hammer

 4. Docking lines
Docking lines: 2
Length: 340 m
Mean draft: 9 m

5. Buoyage

Buoyage: Yes

6. Surface

Total surface: 336.681,03 m2
Sea surface: 220.152,70 m2
Land surface: 116.528,33 m2

7. Docks

Length: 400 m
Number of berths: 188

8. Dry dock

Surface: 5.211,07 m2
Lifting medium: Crane / Travel lift of 70 t

9. Available services at the port

24 h security
Wastes collection
Potable water
Rental car
Fuel station
Car park

10. Car park

Parking: Yes
Number of places: 150

11. Fishing activity

There is a fisherman’s association: Morro Jable fisherman’s association
Number of fishermen: 25
Point of first sale: Yes

12. Excursions

Excursions: Yes

13. Regular lines

Shipping company: Naviera Armas / Fred Olsen
Destination: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

14. Current plans


Discover the port of MorroJable

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