Caleta del Sebo

La Graciosa

Caleta del Sebo

La Graciosa

Port of Caleta del Sebo

Framed by the urban center of the port of Caleta del Sebo, in La Graciosa island, this port is the only in and out gateway on the island. Maritime access is made croosing the narrow of the river and addressing with N direction to the mouth of the port. Both its width and the available field inside the port make the maneuver feasible in safety conditions of medium-sized craft.

The shelter degree inside is sufficient, although waves generated by the SW wind that it is encased between Risco de Famara and La Graciosa island can create a relatively high level of agitation in the area closest to the mouth and in transfer docks.

Port name: Port of Caleta del Sebo
Location: La Graciosa
Coordinates: 29° 13.45′ N 13° 30,10′ W
Telephone/Fax: +34 928 842 147
Official: Juan Pedro Hernández Batista

Available services

Potable water


Fuel station (Only fishermen)

Travelfit porch

Wastes collection


24 h security

Dry dock


Port of Caleta del Sebo
La Graciosa

Available infrastructure

1. Dyke

Length: 366 m
Kind of defense: Breakwater of stone

2. Jetty

Length: 269 m
Kind of defense: Breakwater of stone

 3. Hammer

Hammer is not available

 4. Docking line
Docking lines: 3
Length: 242 m
Mean draft: 5 m

5. Buoyage

Buoyage: Yes

6. Surface

Total surface: 146.468,00 m2
Sea surface: 86.511,81 m2
Land surface: 59.956,19 m2

7. Docks

Total length: 496 m
Number of berths: 217

8. Dry dock

Surface: 2.002,00 m2
Lifting medium: Crane (3 ton) – Travel lift (30 tons)

9. Available services at the port

24 h Security
Wastes collection
Fuel station (Exclusively for fishermen)
Potable water

10. Car park

Car park: No

11. Fishing activity

There is a fisherman’s association: La Graciosa fisherman’s association
Point of first sale: Yes

12. Boat trips

There are boat trips: Yes

13. Regular lines

Shipping company: Líneas Romero, Biosfera Express
Destination: Órzola (Lanzarote)

14. Current plans

Discover the port of Caleta del Sebo

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