Gran Canaria


Port of Arguineguín

The port of Arguineguín is located in the South-West coast of Gran Canaria island. The maritime access is through an open area free of obstacles, sailing ESE direction. Larger vessels should pay attention to release by port underworlds associated with the Punta de La lajilla. The last phase of the entrance maneuver is not particularly difficult because outer harbour leaves enough field for tacking.

Due to its geographical location, the port is naturally protected from storms coming from the NNE-SSE arc, as well as background waves from the W-NNW direction, thanks to westernmost Islands protection. At the bottom of the dock, the agitation level is low.

Port name: Port of Arguineguín
Location: Mogán (Gran Canaria)
Coordinates: 27 ° 45´ N 15 ° 41´ W
Telephone: +34 928 736 441
Fax: + 34 928 152 074
Officials: José Amable Hernández Valencia / Julio Franquis López / Rafael Yánez Santana

Available services

Potable water



Wastes collection

Travelfit porch


Workshops service

Dry dock

Car park

24 h security


Port of Arguineguín
Gran Canaria

Available infrastructure

1. Dyke

Length: 425 m
Kind of defense: tetrapods

2. Jetty

Length: 271 m
Kind of defense: stone breakwater

 3. Docking lines
Docking lines: 1
Length: 398 m
Mean draft in channel: 7 m
Docking line-average depth: 5 m

4. Buoyage

Buoyage: Yes

5. Surface

Total surface: 123.596,91 m2
Sea surface: 72.548,84 m2
Land surface: 51.048,07 m2

6. Docks

Total length: 197 m
Number of berths: 154

7. Dry dock

Surface: 7.107,76 m2
Lifting medium: Travel lift of 100 t

8. Available services at the port

24 h Security
Wastes collection
Workshops service
Potable water

9. Car park

Card park: Yes
Capacity: 138

10. Fishing activity

There is a fisherman’s association: Arguineguín fisherman’s association
Number of fishermen: 44
Point of first sale: No

11. Boat trips

There are boat trips: Yes
Number of boats: 5

12. Regular lines

Shipping company: Líneas Blue Bird / Líneas Salmón
Destination: Anfi del Mar, Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogán

13. Current plans

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