Documentary collection

Treasures of Puertos Canarios Archive

Old Arinaga jetty (1916)

The old Arinaga jetty in Gran Canaria is one of the oldest projects in Puertos Canarios Archive.

Signed by the engineer Manuel Aguilar López, this project of 1916 testifies the way of working of the time, reason why it has an indisputable historical value. It includes handwritten documents, sketches on graph paper and several detailed blueprint drawings, a technique that up to 1950 reproduced the plane in white lines on a blue base.

Reparation project in the Port of Gran Tarajal (1947)

The memory of this project lists the urgent works that had to be carried out at the Port of Fuerteventura: the arrangement of the upper corner of the front, deteriorated by the crashes of boats in the berths, and the arrangement of the pavement in a section of 26.50 m.

The estimated budget for these works were 14,490.42 pesetas.

Repair of the dock of the Port of Gran Tarajal (1981)

In the late 1970s, permission was requested from the General Ports and Coasts Department to perform metallized panel formwork, filling holes with submerged concrete of 400 kg of cement and paving the affected areas on the surface of the dock with slabs of cement.

The budget for the physical execution of the works and the execution budget amounted to almost 9 million of peseta.